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Masks Ip addresses to access restricted sites
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Remove geographical or other access restrictions by hiding your IP coordinated from outside scans, thus also improving the security of Internet browsing. The utility works with all types of online connections including Wi-Fi. Social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube are accessible with it as well.

SmartHide is an Internet security and anonymity tool. Currently supporting Windows and Mac OS X, SmartHide allows you to hide your IP regardless of your location. The company has servers scattered around the globe to offer connectivity options for virtually every need. Of course, you get the usual IP in the USA and Europe, but there are servers in other places as well. I was connected to a server in Estonia for a while, for example.

The application has been designed to be very easy to use. After typing in your account information, you choose your server from a drop-down list and click on the green button at the top of the screen. That will initiate the connection to the server. Almost instantly, your IP address will no longer be visible to the outside world. SmartHide can be used with any app on your computer.

SmartHide is now offering a trial version with a few sample servers that you can connect to. They have quite a few plans for you to purchase after your trial is done. And one of them is more than likely to fit your needs. Pricing is on par with other solutions. It isn't cheaper than most other services out there, but it isn't more expensive either.

In terms of performance, as I said, I was connected to a server in Estonia during my testing. I was expecting it to be slow, mainly because of the distance between Estonia and where I am right now. Surprisingly, my connection didn't suffer any slow-downs. I was even able to watch a YouTube video with no skipping or buffering at all. Sometimes not even my home connection can do that.

The USA servers allow you to bypass the geographical restrictions that some websites use, such as Hulu, YouTube, ESPN360, etc. I wasn't able to test those, but I am sure they will work.

There is also a portable version that you can take with you anywhere you go. The Mac OS X version works very well, too.

José Fernández
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